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AS 201281 -


  • Guillaume Mazoyer - noc AT mazoyer DOT eu

Looking Glass

Diagnostic Probe

  • ICMP, ICMPv6
  • TCP listen on port 80
  • HTTP download: wget -O /dev/null


Node admin-c Location Connectivity Router model Status Endpoint
lux-router01 gmazoyer Bettembourg, LU GigabitEthernet Juniper SRX220H Online IPSec

Advertised prefixes

Prefix Status admin-c Comments
IPv4 Active gmazoyer Main GLaNET private IPv4 allocation Active MZR-RIPE
2001:678:794::/48 Active MZR-RIPE


local-router remote-router remote-as method
lux-router01 AS202945-01 202945 Private Peering
2001:bc8:3283:f009::2 2a06:e881:1100:182::1
lux-router01 AS64544-01 64544 IPSec IPv4
2001:470:c8be:f3::2 2001:470:c8be:f3::1
lux-router01 AS64545-01 64545 IPSec IPv4
2001:bc8:333d:20::1 2001:bc8:333d:20::2
lux-router01 AS64547-01 64547 IPSec IPv4
2001:bc8:333d:21::1 2001:bc8:333d:21::2