AS 64543 -


  • David Anderson (danderson/dave) - dave AT natulte DOT net

Looking Glass

None yet.


Node admin-c Location Connectivity Router model IP danderson Seattle, WA, USA 1000Mbps Debian testing

Advertised prefixes

Prefix Status admin-c Comments
IPv4 Active danderson


local-router remote-router remote-as AS64542-1 202945

BGP communities

All routes within AS64543 are tagged with a route discriminator to aid debugging. Route discriminators are exported to peers.

AS64543 obeys policy action communities from peers.

Type Value Definition
Route discriminator 64543:1 (INTERNAL) Originated inside AS64543
64543:2 (PEER) Glanet peer prefix
Policy action no-advertise Do not redistribute at all
no-export Do not redistribute outside AS64543


  • Internet routes to US destinations available on request.