AS 64550 -


  • Antoine Ténart - see here


Node admin-c Location Connectivity Router model VPN endpoint atenart Toulouse, FR 300Mbps EdgeOS None (dynamic IP). atenart Saint-Ouen-l'Aumône, FR 1Gbps Fedora w/ Bird Wireguard & IPsec:

Advertised prefixes

Prefix Status admin-c Comments
IPv4 Active atenart Main GLaNET private IPv4 allocation Active atenart Public services. Active atenart None.
2001:470:c8ef::/48 Active atenart HE allocation


local-router remote-router remote-as Method

BGP communities

Route discriminators are exported to peers. They can be used to help debugging. In addition, policy action communities can be defined by peers to set the localpref within AS64550; the default localpref being 100.

Type Value Definition
Route discriminator 64550:1 AS64550 internal prefixes
64550:2 Prefixes learnt from GlaNET
Policy action 64550:70 Set localpref to 70 within AS64550
64550:80 Set localpref to 80 within AS64550
64550:90 Set localpref to 90 within AS64550
no-export Not redistributed outside AS64550
no-advertised Not redistributed at all
local-as Not advertised outside AS64550