Debian Repository (deprecated, not maintained)

We provide a Debian repository with backports of some useful packages. It is hosted on This repository provides packages for Wheezy (Debian 7) and Jessie (Debian 8).

Using the repository

All the packages are signed with a downloadable GPG key. To add the key to the APT package manager the following command can be used:

wget -O - | apt-key add -

The following lines can be added to the /etc/apt/sources.list file or in any files in the /etc/apt/sources.list.d directory. Make sure to use the proper target according to your Debian version.

For Debian 7 (aka Wheezy):

deb wheezy-glanet main
deb-src wheezy-glanet main

For Debian 8 (aka Jessie):

deb jessie-glanet main
deb-src jessie-glanet main

After modifying the list of repositories to use, APT needs to update the list of the packages (update action of the APT tool).

Installing and upgrading a package

The repository uses specific targets to provide packages. With the default behavior of APT they will be ignored unless it is told to use the given target. For example, to install the ExaBGP package which is available in the repository, the following command must be used:

apt -t jessie-glanet install exabgp

It is also possible to upgrade the package if it is already installed with a similar command:

apt -t jessie-glanet upgrade exabgp

Note that you can also download the source for a given package with:

apt-get -t jessie-glanet source exabgp