Anycast DNS Architecture

The anycast DNS architecture is composed of a main master server serving GLaNET DNS zones to slave servers (designated as ‘core servers’). End-users connect to the closest of theses core servers to access the service.

The communication channel between the main master and the core servers uses the servers' real IP addresses.

A core server advertises one or several of the following prefixes over BGP:

Usage Prefix
Anycast DNS IPv4
Anycast DNS IPv6 fd00:6b64:f3b0::53/128
Anycast recursive DNS IPv4
Anycast recursive DNS IPv6 fd00:6b64:f3b0::153/128
You must not advertise any GLaNET DNS anycast prefixes whilst your DNS server is not operating properly. It is your responsibility to implement any solution deemed necessary to ensure this requirement.
  • Core recursive servers MUST allow recursion to any host querying the anycast recursive DNS address.
  • Core recursive servers MUST allow recursion to supervision hosts querying the host's unicast address for supervision.
  • Core recursive servers MAY allow recursion to any other explicitly white listed host or network, at the administrator's discretion.
  • Core recursive servers MUST deny recursion to any other host.
  • If you want to participate and provide a core DNS server, please contact us.

List of anycast DNS servers

Host IPv4 IPv6 Function1) ASN 2a06:e881:1101:2000::15 Authoritative 202945 2a06:e881:1101:2000::10 Recursive 2a06:e881:1102:2000::196 Recursive 2a01:e35:2430:9492::2 Recursive 64544